logoDino Hamzić — Software Engineer

I’m a twenty-six years old frontend engineer based in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. With over five years of software development experience, I worked on dozens of projects for companies spanning from small local shops, Silicon Valley startups, to established international companies. I speak fluent English, Italian and Bosnian. Feel free to contact me for any type of enquiry at the email below.


Work Experience

Even though I started my career as a full stack developer, over the years I gradually moved to a full time frontend development role. The combination of design, interactivity, and raw user feedback are aspects of the job that always fascinated me. My plan for the future is to continuously expand my knowledge in this part of the development spectrum, and to become an active open source contributor.

Below is a list of the companies with whom I’m working, or worked with in the past, and a succinct description of the roles in which I have partaken.

  • Full Time: Fullstack Engineer — Nebulab ~ Digital Consulting Experts

    Currently working as a fullstack developer on large scale ecommerce web applications using Ruby, Rails and Vue.

    March 2019 — Present

  • Full Time: Frontend Engineer — Symphony ~ Culture Driven Technology House

    As a frontend developer working at Symphony, I had the privilege of being part of very dynamic and challenging projects with prestigious clients from all over the world, especially from the Silicon Valley region. During my time here, I was responsible for bootstrapping the architecture of an ecommerce frontend application based on Next.js, but also jumped in ongoing React projects with larger and already established external teams.

    January 2018 — February 2019

  • Remote Contractor: Frontend Development — Pickled Pepper ~ Creative Agency

    Worked on the creation of promotional websites by being provided design and interaction specifications, and loose animation requirements, delivering SEO compliant solutions that achieve almost perfect scores in the most popular page speed ranking tools.

    Throughout 2018, by engagement

  • Remote Contractor: Frontend Development — Preezie ~ Virtual Sale Assistant

    Worked on the creation of an enterprise facing dashboard written in Angular, and on the development of an embeddable custom chat bot widget written in React.

    Throughout 2017 and 2018, by engagement

  • Full Time: Full Stack Engineer & UI/UX Designer — .east ~ Web and Software Agency

    Worked on a wide range of projects, spanning from WordPress promotional websites and web shops, to fully custom web applications written in Angular, React, Laravel and Node.js, and even design proposals for the aforementioned businesses. In the late stages, I took roles as lead developer and mentor.

    September 2015 — December 2017

  • Freelancer: Full Stack Engineer & UI/UX Designer — Entvo ~ Web and Mobile Development Studio

    In partnership with a friend, we operated under this brand as freelancers working for local startups and more traditional businesses, creating promotional websites, web shops and small custom web applications.

    June 2013 — August 2015

  • Bachelor of Computer Science with Minor in Electrical Engineering — Sarajevo School of Science and Technology

    2011 — 2015

Personal Projects

  • —

    My personal website, used as a cv/portfolio. Subtle as in “fine or delicate in meaning or intent”, and bits as in “bits of code or interface design”. This project is being developed using React, Next.js and styled-components.

  • Displaceable.js —

    A tiny, performant and configurable JavaScript library that handles super smooth element displacement on mouse move. Check it out on GitHub.


After static HTML and CSS templates, custom WordPress plugins and themes, REST APIs written on top of Laravel (PHP) and Express (Node.js), in the last two years I moved my focus solely on SPA (single page application) frontend development. Below is a list of technologies which I used in production projects in the recent past.

  • React —

    With over two years of continuos development experience, from small promotional websites to big dashboards with hundreds of different components, React is my technology of choice for almost any kind of frontend development project.

  • Next.js —

    As my go-to solution for server-side rendered React applications, I successfully used Next.js in several production projects. Fast, light, and easy to use, it helped me achieve a drastic increase in loading times, while keeping a clean and modular React codebase, with the advantages of a server rendered one.

  • TypeScript —

    Even though it’s a recent addition to my toolset, I’m already seeing the benefits of adopting TypeScript in my workflow. Keeping sanity and consistency in a big codebase or team is always a big challenge, and with TypeScript it has become much easier.

  • D3.js —

    Using D3.js, I assisted in the development of a fully custom chart visualization library, mainly working on animation and user interactivity, which is currently being adopted by software used by some of the biggest automotive brands in the world.


    From interactive dashboard widgets, to complex landing pages with responsive layouts and fluid animations, I extensively used HTML and CSS on all the projects I worked on over the last several years.